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You already have your green card!

But now, you desire the ultimate reward for your persistence. The ultimate luxury each American enjoys. The golden rings of freedom can be yours. The freedom, and peace of mind, that only comes with being a legal United States Citizen.

It can be yours, if you call us right now.
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Everywhere you look, people are free to do as they please. Everyone, but you. Wouldn’t you like to join them? They can do whatever they want, when they want to do it… but not you. You have to be good. Because, in the back of your mind, you know that “big brother” is watching you. Everything you do, you have to think carefully about not jeopardizing your green card status. Imagine the confidence you’ll enjoy as a legal United States Citizen.

People with legal United States Citizenship can:

YOU CAN - Travel freely anywhere in the world
YOU CAN - Get the best paying government jobs
YOU CAN - Protect the rights of your children to remain in the U.S.A
YOU CAN - Reunite with your family in another country
YOU CAN - Help your relatives gain citizenship and enter legally
YOU CAN - Vote in the elections with pride
YOU CAN - Buy the home of your dreams
YOU CAN - Get insurance for you and your family
YOU CAN - Drive a legal car
YOU CAN - Open bank accounts
YOU CAN - Earn the income you deserve
YOU CAN - Visit your family at will
YOU CAN - Live WITHOUT the fear of deportation

You’ll find the security you seek in becoming a U.S. Citizen and enjoy the very same freedoms any American has the right to enjoy. It’s the final hurdle in the battle you have grown so weak from fighting. We hear from people just like you everyday. Their stories are real. The battle they wage is tough and they long to find that allusive peace of mind that can only come from winning the war and becoming a legal U.S. Citizen.

Did You Know?

Did you know… that if you only have a green card and were to be arrested, they can deport you on the spot? Did you know that? Think about it. We never know what is going to happen in today’s world. You could be at the wrong place at the wrong time and end up losing everything you have worked so hard for.


ONCE YOU BECOME A LEGAL U.S. CITIZEN – YOU CAN NEVER BE DEPORTED! No matter what happens. It’s the ultimate security. The ultimate peace of mind, knowing that you have the same rights, protection and freedom as any other American.

Do it right now.
Call us…
It’s toll free 1-800-467-4112

The SkipTheLawyer Naturalization program is a total "peace of mind service" that will remove the worry and fear out of the entire process of becoming a legal U.S. Citizen.

We know how to do it right.

We guarantee that EVERYBODY, using our full service program will have their case reviewed properly, processed correctly and filed on time. You pay us to ensure it's done right! In just two weeks you will receive official documentation directly from the U.S. Government providing your case number and proof that your case has been accepted for review. Remember, one mistake on a single form can cause your case to be instantly rejected by the U.S. Government.

We have processed thousands of cases
just like yours…
and we have a 97% approval rate!

We use only the most accurate and current official information to process your cases.

The beauty of our service is that it cuts out all the time consuming research and planning you will have to endure on your own, and presents you only the information you need.

Our consultants will speak to you clearly, so anybody can understand exactly what is going on at all times. You will have instant access to your very own immigration specialist who will guide you through the process.

The best part is that you will SAVE THOUSANDS of hard earned dollars using our service.

There is NO better, faster or more secure immigration document processing service available!

Call us today for your free one on one, personal, in-depth consultation!

You'll be glad you did!


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