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You Finally Got Married… Now What?

Now that you are married to a U.S. Citizen… the gateway to the American dream is now within your reach. Just imagine, within SIX short months you could have your green card; and a Social Security card and Working permit within 2 to 3 months!! Within THREE years you could be a United States citizen!

If you call us right now. It’s toll free 1-800-467-4112

Are you tired of working illegally? It fills you with the fear of being caught at any moment.

Maybe you want to visit your family but are afraid to cross the U.S. border, fearful that you will not be allowed to return?

You fell in love with an American citizen, and you long to have all the same freedom and liberties they so enjoy. Call us now.

You need a Green Card. It’s just that simple.

And until you get one, you CAN NOT:

CAN NOT - Work legally
CAN NOT - Open a bank account
CAN NOT - Get insurance
CAN NOT - Visit your family in your home country
CAN NOT - Make the money you deserve
CAN NOT - Rent an apartment
CAN NOT - Buy a home
CAN NOT - Travel freely
CAN NOT - Drive a car legally
CAN NOT - Get or have credit
CAN NOT - Live free of the fear of deportation

Life as an illegal immigrant is full of fear. Full of difficult problems, day after day after day. It’s exhausting to live that life for very long. Maybe you’ve recently had children and you long for your family in another country to meet them for the very first time. But you don’t have a green card. So you can’t travel. How old will they be before you are able to have the most important reunion of their lives? Do it for them.

Maybe someone close to you has passed away in another country and you are unable to travel to pay your final respects. Because, you don’t have a green card.

At SkipTheLawyer.Com we realize how overwhelming the endless forms, rules, ever changing laws and complicated governmental procedures can be. We will provide you peace of mind, melting your cares away as we handle the entire process for you. Our Immigration specialists will take you by the hand and guide you the entire way. Let’s examine the only options you truly have, once you have decided to reach for freedom.

There are only three REAL options:

1. Hire expensive immigration attorneys.
They have thousands of pending cases and are slow to produce results. You will find it very difficult to reach them on the phone when you have a question and often times you will be charged extra for a phone consultation. They will cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the level of attorney you hire. And we suggest that you hire the very best.

2. Do it yourself.
This option leaves most people confused, overwhelmed and uncertain as you try to navigate the miles of paperwork and digest the endless amount of documents to read.
The process can be overwhelming and extremely time-consuming. You will have to determine which forms to include, what documentation to provide, how much money you have to send, and where you send everything – all on your own! Be prepared to become a student on the current and ever changing immigration laws as you research and prepare your case. WARNING, just one tiny mistake can cause your entire application to be instantly rejected by the U.S. Government. This will delay your case and you will not only have to re-file, but you may also incur additional costs and fees.

3. Let SkipTheLawyer.Com provide you the total peace of mind you deserve.

Call us right now. It’s toll free 1-800-467-4112

The SkipTheLawyer Green Card Through Marriage program is a total "peace of mind service" that will remove the worry and fear out of the entire process of getting a Green Card.

We know how to do it right.

We guarantee that EVERYBODY, using our full service program will have their case reviewed properly, processed correctly and filed on time. You pay us to ensure it's done right! In just two weeks you will receive official documentation directly from the U.S. Government providing your case number and proof that your case has been accepted for review. Remember, one mistake on a single form can cause your case to be instantly rejected by the U.S. Government. We have processed thousands of cases just like yours and we have a 97% approval rate!

We use only the most accurate and current official information to process your cases.

The beauty of our service is that it cuts out all the time consuming research and planning you will have to endure on your own, and presents you with a complete case ready to file.

Our consultants will speak to you clearly, so anybody can understand exactly what is going on at all times. You will have instant access to your very own immigration specialist who will guide you through the process.

The best part is that you will SAVE THOUSANDS of hard earned dollars using our service.

There is NO better, faster or more secure immigration document processing service available!

Call us today for your free one on one, personal, in-depth consultation!

You'll be glad you did!


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